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  • Comic #1: Clams

    Comic #1: Clams

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  • Hellbenders: Applooza (Extras)

    Hellbenders: Applooza (Extras)

    Deleted jokes and other extra shit from the first episode! A hellbenders.tv exclusive.

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  • Episode 1 Is Very Close!

    HEY So this is an update to let you people know what’s going on with this series. I’ve been making release dates and breaking them for a few months for episode one, but I can safely say its release date is extremely close now.   WHY IT’S TAKEN SO LONG Keep in mind a few things. First, this is the first series I (Zach) have ever done. Getting a series off the ground if you’ve done it before is hard […]

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  • Hellbenders Arrives!

    Hellbenders Arrives!

    The very first taste of Hellbenders arrives to a computer near you! This is, as I said previously, just a taste. It’s a short. Episode 1 will be literally three times longer than this! Episode 1 should be out in 1-3 weeks (3 weeks at the most), because I’m waiting on Chris to get his new computer to finish the music, and we still need to get a special guest to record lyrics for the theme song. I also still […]

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  • Hellbenders: Icecream

    Hellbenders: Icecream

    Hellbenders arrives!

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